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AAO Processing Times (October 1, 2012)

Our office has established a reputation as one of the leading practices for handling appeals with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) and we often receive inquiries not only  about the procedural aspects of an AAO appeal but also about the current processing times for AAO cases.    The AAO processing times are published monthly, at the beginning of the month, and we are providing monthly updates and analysis for the benefit of our clients and readers.

About the AAO

The AAO is an appeals office which handles appeals of certain decisions made by USCIS field offices and regional processing centers.  The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires that all AAO decisions be made available to the public.  As a result, AAO decisions are accessible in reading rooms at USCIS headquarters here in Washington, DC and at field offices.  Also, some (but not all) AAO decisions are available online.

Current AAO Processing Times

USCIS has released the average processing times for cases pending at the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) as of October 1, 2012.  Read the full AAO Processing Times report.

Among the most notable AAO processing times:

  • H-1B appeal takes 12 months (a notable decrease, or improvement, of three months, compared to our last report as of September 1, 2012);
  • L-1 appeal takes 13 months (improvement of four months);
  • I-140 EB-1 Extraordinary Ability is current (less than six months), Multinational Manager or Executive takes 13 months (improvement of three months) while EB-1 Outstanding Professor or Researcher category is current;
  • I-140 EB-2 (Advanced Degree) takes 7 months (improvement of one month) while EB-2 (NIW) is current (no change); and
  • I-140 EB-3 Skilled Worker takes 29 months (improvement of two months) while EB-3 Other Worker is current (6 months or less) on appeal (no change).
The AAO processing times for many of the (EB-2, for example) have been improving notably over the past few months.   We are very pleased to see that the AAO is now processing I-140 EB-2 cases in a little over a year (in comparison to close to three years recently).   We notice that AAO processing times remain steady across many of the other types of cases.     We hope that the notable trend of improvement in the processing times in EB-2 appeals would continue and spread to other types of cases as well, specifically EB-3, where the current wait is around 3 years.

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